2017 comes to an end…

Grand plans this year…Ha!
I have gathered all I can for the year, my herbs are all encased in glass and are in the dark, waiting to be summoned for the next cup of tea or as a supplement to one of my pain balms or oils/tinctures.
I live on two acres (in Bothell, WA) of an herbal wonderland…The owner of the property in the early part of the century “Old Man Thompson”  had an herb farm that spanned 100 acres (between the area of Sunset St.   up to approx. 170th st SE and 180th St SE to approx. 169th St SE.).
I have had the opportunity to visit most of the area he planted in, but the housing market is booming in the area and we are being forced out.
The Everett School District is forcing us out by using Eminent Domain…the Snohomish County Court has deemed our property necessary for a High School Ball-field and the contracts are being worked on now for price and a time that we have to be out.    It sounds like we’ll get 4 months to move….(we being Bruce my SO and I).    The stress can be a bit overwhelming, but we are trying to live our everyday life while packing and looking for a suitable place to live.
We both like a lot of outdoor space,  so we are looking in the Duvall/Monroe area at 10 acre lots up on top of a hill – Bruce needs good reception for his HAM radio and I need a lot of space to seed my herbs again.    A lot of the places we are looking at have creeks or ponds on the property-to have water flowing through my land is one of my home dreams, I am very excited about that possibility!
I do have some herbs for sale now….please contact me for a list as it changes daily.    I do have a list of the herbs I gathered on another post and I have made oils out of 20 of them and tinctures of a few.
I am stress light on Facebook or Christine Messer….